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MyTeam Network Group Leaders Required...

Host your own networking group - for new business, fun and profit!

I'm looking for enthusiastic networkers who would like to host their own MyTeam group. Hosting a networking group will establish you as a well-connected 'go-to' person in your area, and raise awareness of your products and services, helping you to promote your business locally and further afield.

Most networking groups are hosted by unpaid volunteer group leaders, and some organisations even charge you £400+ per year for a licence to run their groups, on the basis that you enjoy all the benefits. In both cases, you have to fund your own travel and incidental expenses (phone bills, printing costs etc).

At MyTeam, we're big fans of sharing as a fundamental networking principle - so it makes absolute sense to share any revenue generated with you as a TeamHost. Don't order the Porsche just yet though - you won't make a fortune, but at least you won't be out of pocket! You could soon be funding all your networking from hosting your MyTeam group...

What is MyTeam Network?

MyTeam Network RoundTable meetings are currently twice a month for 90 minutes over lunch - but our model could also be run at breakfast time.

There's a £10 meeting fee and attendees buy their own lunch and refreshments.

We don't have elevator pitches – we exchange business cards with everyone and all connect via LinkedIn. Each meeting has a Business Topic chosen by Member vote, and we Buddy up for 1-2-1s between meetings.

What MyTeam is all about…

  •  MyTeam Network follows a new formula for a networking group based on my observations of how networking works, and why people do it
  • MyTeam is based on the principle of ‘we are smarter than me!’ (and ‘stronger than me’ too)
  • MyTeam Network gives networkers ‘colleagues
  • MyTeam works in the space between meetings because too many networkers do nothing apart from go to meetings
  • MyTeam doesn’t replace your existing networking – it enhances it

Currently MyTeam Groups meet in Cobham and Headley, Surrey and our meetings are usually fully booked (our optimum number is 16 attendees). There are plans to launch in Kingston and the Croydon area in 2018.  

There are a few My Team rules for the benefit of all Members which apply across the Network – more may be added if necessary! They are:

  1. No pitches – ie direct selling, blatant self-promotion or other spammy behaviour please
  2. That also means please don't canvas to recruit Members to attend your networking groups, meetings and events.
  3. Share, Collaborate, & Support your MyTeam Mates
  4. Don't be boring!

What MyTeamers say: (all totally unsolicited testimonials)

"Thank you Keith and thank you so much everyone for your questions, support and guidance yesterday, I really love coming along to MyTeam and the genuine friendships I've made with many of you, it's helped enormously." Jane Tyson, Parenting Success

"I enjoyed the meeting very much and would definitely like to come again." Yu-Shih Felix Liu, Software Developer 

"Thank you for yet another useful, informative and fun lunch." Diana Jordan, Dealing with Divorce

"Thank for a good My Team meeting - very informative and motivating. I may not make the next time but will certainly come again!"  Caroline Ewans, Barefoot Books

"I just wanted to say thank you, Keith, for making me feel so welcome at 'My Team' this year. Your advice has been invaluable." Tim Mitchell, Upper Hand Digital

"I have been to a few networking groups but I have to admit that the "MyTeam" experience was by far the best!" James Mahaffey, Cluster Sales Manager at Surya Hotels

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the MyTeam board event last week. Please keep me informed of future events." Peter Baynes, Watertight Marketing  

If you'd be interested in getting more out of your networking, at no cost to you,  let's talk! Please get in touch with me. Keith Grover, by email  or call 01932 843814 now for an initial no-obligation chat to find out how it all works.

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