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Surrey 2013 ~ more than 50 great things to do this year

Follow our link to the Surrey Life site (on NiS Home Page) for a 'What's on in Surrey calendar' - just to prove we're not 'all work and no play!'  Coincidentally (?) that's the title of another link box on the Home Page which takes you to some light-hearted YouTube videos if you need a two-minute break from the grindstone...

Here's the What's On…


Added by Keith Grover, NiS Founder on March 27, 2013 at 14:00 — No Comments

Budget 2013 Summary - your free pdf download

The latest budget will no doubt contain a few surprises and will take a while to digest. At first sight it would appear that big businesses will benefit more than small businesses. 

The proposed "Employment Allowance" may prove to be an interesting opportunity for some tax planning but the devil will be in the detail.

In the meantime, TaxAssist Accountants have released a summary to highlight the key…


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Congratulations Veronica! NiS Twitter Queen wins National Award...

Don'thca just love good news stories in these often gloomy times (if the press is to be believed!)

Veronica Pullen, long-standing NiS Member and Social Media diva (and all-round good sport:0) has just been voted Small Business Coach of the Year at the Association of Professional Speakers, Trainers and Consultants 2012 Achievement Awards…


Added by Keith Grover, NiS Founder on March 24, 2013 at 14:00 — 1 Comment

More free online yoga lessons for busy networkers...

Hello friends of NiS,

How are you feeling? Now it is spring and the days are getting longer, do you have more energy or are you still feeling a bit tired?

Daily yoga practice will bring your body energy back in balance. Even if you are at work you can take a couple of minutes to practice some yoga. I have recorded a Modified Sun Salutation so if you’re busy or recovering from an injury you can do this sequence to get the energy and blood flowing.

Modified Sun…


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Budget 2013 shows government is clueless about small businesses

Here's an interesting take on the budget by Tony Robinson (no, not Baldrick - the other one!) which I found on the business zone website - see the full article here: BusinessZone Budget What do yo make of it all?

Tony Robinson writes:

I was appalled by the poor behaviour and lack of humility shown by all political parties in the House of Commons during the Budget announcement. They didn't seem to understand the effect…


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The Changing Office Dress Code And Its Challenges

Recent years have seen a relaxation of dress codes, even in some of the more formal professions such as law and accountancy, particularly when client meetings are not taking place. Often starting with a dress down Friday, some companies and individuals are now finding it hard to accept the results in the office environment.

From standard 3 piece suits earlier in the 20th Century relaxing to today’s 2 piece lounge suit…


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10 Ways To Improve Your Business Before Easter

I'm always glad to hear from local business guru Robert Craven as a free Member of his Directors' Centre Business Club, and here's a timely post from him today. You can check out the whole article here on his website, which explains each point in more detail, but here's the list:

10 Ways To Improve Your…


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Don't just sit there, do something - please!

As times goes on, it is possible to become jaded and not sure that the direction you are taking is leading to the destination you want to arrive at.

Often we are thrust into a place where we are uncomfortable add the feeling of being unsettled is not a pleasant one. There are choices to be made throughout life; brown bread or white; car or walk, sugar or not. And we can change our mind quite easily and it well, it really doesn't matter that…


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Mobile Trend set to continue

Right now, mobile in-store tablets are set to take over in a big way.

Whether it is to collecting leads, running competitions, getting instant reviews or displaying real time product tours and demos...

…in-store tablets are going to change the face of local marketing and help businesses make a huge jump in their sales as a…


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50 Empowering And Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs

Just received an email with link to a blog post from Aurelius Tjin (crazy name, crazy guy!) - some really good stuff in amongst this lot, including several of my own favourites...

See the original bog post here

  1. The way to get…

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Free YOGA online class

Hello friends of NiS!

I know you lead a busy life, so I'm sure you would benefit from practising more yoga, because YOGA is ideal for stretching and toning, sculpting your ideal body, and finding calm and balance.

Running a business doesn't always leave much time for de-stresing yourself and recharging the batteries - both of which are essential if you want to stay sane…


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