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Networking in Surrey News - week beginning 27 August 2012

It's newsmail time again here at Networking in Surrey, as everybody's gearing up for the September "reboot your business" post-holiday blitz, and we all rush around tying up loose ends, tidying the desk, sharpening the pencils and gearing up for winning plenty of new…


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Food for Thought?

This is Ian Hamilton (of the infamous "Free Lunch" seminars!) reporting on 3 interesting events I attended recently.

1. Sat 18/8/12  "Mapps" with Yuliana in Croydon.  I really only went to support my 'friend' but was in for a real treat!  Not only did I meet new, exciting people but I caught up with some 'old' friends too.  Best of all, 3 totally random groups worked avidly together preparing 3 separate (almost working!) business plans from scratch within an hour!!  Such was…


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Sponsorship - More than Just Branding, Maybe?

There have been many articles written along the lines of ‘Sponsorship – More Than Just Branding’. Whilst it’s plain that sponsorship has evolved into far more than straightforward logo placement, it’s important not to forget that branding – be it via naming rights, advertising hoardings or shirt sponsorships – is still relevant within the sports and sponsorship field and most importantly, still deemed hugely valuable in the eyes of…


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Santander to increase its Standard Variable Rate by 0.50%

Santander UK intends to increase its Standard Variable Rate from 4.24% to 4.74% from 3 October 2012.

There will also be an increase in the lender's SVR cap margin – the maximum amount above the Bank of England base rate that it can charge – from 3.75% to 4.99% from 24 September.

Santander said its competitors increased their SVRs by similar amounts earlier this year,…


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FSA to instruct banks to charge for current accounts

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is to instruct banks to charge for current accounts, according to a report by consumer group Which?.

Research found charges for going overdrawn for two days per month without permission range from £120 to £900 a year, leading to confusion for consumers.

Customers who stay in credit also lose out through punitive charges levelled on…


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Networking in Surrey News – week beginning 6 August 2012

Exciting times! Two more gold medals Team GB this afternoon in the dressage and the boxing (not that I'm glued to the box watching the Olympics you understand :0) I promise I was out networking this morning, although my voice is a bit hoarse from shouting at the telly!

Shock news of the week in Networkland for me was the announcement that Ecademy…


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Customer research on steroids: How Amazon took business into Sci-Fi territory

Like it or not, Amazon have taken retail by storm. There are many reasons for this and I could do a whole essay on everything from their cheap prices to their superb customer service. Instead I want to talk about how they took customer research and the internet and put them together in a way that changed how businesses work forever.

Have you heard of split testing? Before you ask, no it’s not taking a single spoonful of banana and ice cream and deciding whether you want it or…


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Sponsorship Marketing: A Framework for Evaluating Opportunities

Sponsorship marketing is a gray area for many marketers. Those who've focused on traditional advertising and publicity channels may be reluctant to delve into sponsorship activities or unsure how to find opportunities that fit. Evaluating teams, athletes, events and the benefits associated with sponsorship exposure can be cumbersome, particularly if you don't have your requirements and guidelines clearly defined ahead of time.

Effective use of sponsorship marketing requires careful…


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Networking in Surrey News – week beginning 30 July 2012

Well, I loved it... that wacky Games Opening Ceremony, complete with clips from 1960s black & white sitcoms, Mr Bean in Chariots of Fire, the ‘Baked Bean’ parachuting in with James Bond, and a good old singalong finale around the piano with Macca and Hey Jude... and millions around the globe scratching their heads and asking, ‘What’s all that about then?’ A triumph, in true British style - if you can’t beat…


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