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What's a Good Debt?

What’s a good debt?

Your mortgage is a good debt and even re-mortgaging to make home improvements will add value to your property. The bad debts are your credit cards and loans (always look at the small print in that agreement). That outfit you bought for a night out will make you feel good for a short time, especially if you got it in the sale, but if you don’t pay it off on your credit card, it could end up…


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Networking in Surrey News – week beginning 23 October 2011

Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire Night – all those fireworks and scary masks mean it’s not the season for those of a nervous disposition... and as for financial markets, look away now!  Never mind, you’ll get a lie-in on Sunday morning (unless you’ve got young children :o)…


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Keeping Warm this Winter - Hints and Tips

Saving Money on Heating Costs?

It’s that time of year again. I don’t honestly know where the time goes. It seems like only five minutes ago since the end of the summer holidays and the kids were back at school. Half term has already been and gone, bonfire night is upon us and Christmas looms over the horizon.

The summer holidays seem like a distant memory - or do they?…


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Want Cheaper Prescriptions?

With the winter months upon us and the strong possibility we’ll be spending more time at the chemists purchasing pills, potions and medicines to help with our coughs, colds and infections we could be wracking up a bill for prescriptions.

Let’s face it, at £7:40 each they are far from cheap, but did you know, that the NHS offers an alternative way to purchase your prescriptions that could save you a fair amount…


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Hot desking - instant office space!

Have you ever considered 'ad hoc' HOTDESKING?

Hotdesking has many benefits for people on the move, or needing to get out of home and into an office environment occasionally.  A hot desk allows you to enjoy all the facilities of a serviced office - in an instant! Just walk in and work...

If you work from home and sometimes need office facilities, perhaps at short notice, this is a cost-=effective way to access the office environment. You may already have you r…


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Criminal Record Checks - stay on the right side of the law!

A client called the other day to ask about Criminal Record checks.  The organisation had a number of vacancies involving working with high value products, and was concerned about entrusting new recruits with thousands of pounds’ worth of goods.  They wanted to run Criminal Record checks before making job offers to ensure the candidates were honest; on the face of it, a reasonable enough request on the part of a prudent…


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Mortage Rate Rise: Crisis forces Lloyds to raise Standard Variable Rates

Lloyds Banking Group has become the first big bank to raise Standard Variable Rates, prompting suggestions that the era of borrowing at rock-bottom rates is drawing to a close as the Eurozone crisis deepens.

The move will affect more than 175,000 borrowers who took out mortgages from Bank of Scotland and The Mortgage Business, who will see their rates rise from 4.84% to 4.95%…


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Accounts: To DIY or not to DIY? How did you decide?

Having made the decision to set up your business, whether a sole trader, partnership or a Limited company, I wonder what your thought process was when you considered how best to manage the accounts? 

Did the idea of maintaining the financial records fill you with dread, or were you confident that you had the know-how to deal with this task…


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Networking in Surrey News – week beginning 17 October 2011

Winter draws on :o) as we expect the first frost overnight -  and in ten days time the clocks go back. 

The business exhibition season is in full flow, and tomorrow John Udal’s …


Added by Keith Grover, NiS Founder on October 19, 2011 at 19:22 — No Comments

Stress…The 21st Century Epidemic?

Earlier this month the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) published the results of their 2011 survey into workplace absences revealing that stress was now the primary cause of long term sickness.…


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Walton Festival of Light: Volunteers needed (great networking opportunity!)

We have started the run-up to the Walton Festival of Light on Saturday 19th November and I am helping to rustle up some volunteers to walk with the procession around the town.

The volunteers will be walking with the Big Builds (lanterns)  and basically doing the Health and Safety drill as in previous years. If you are interested in volunteering please let me know. Last year was…


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Networking in Surrey News – week beginning 10 October 2011

‘Don’t panic, Captain Mainwaring!”  This classic quote from Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army (whose brilliant co-writer David Croft died last month) is a timely piece of advice for all our businesses, as most Western economies slide inexorably towards the second dip in the ongoing recession.

Vince Cable…


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What Ecademy Croydon has done for my business...

Added by Wendy Ager on October 10, 2011 at 13:30 — No Comments

Want a firm waistline?

Steps to ABSolute perfection!

If you’ve decided it’s finally time to do something about your waistline all the advice you’re going to need is right here.

The first thing to do is to get to know your abs and become personal friends with them, that way you’ll intimately and immediately know whether you’re…


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More Brits expected to take cruises from UK ports

Travel Trade Gazette reports that the boom in British cruise passengers choosing to take itineraries starting from UK ports is set to continue, according to latest figures from the Passenger Shipping Association.

The PSA estimates that a record 835,000 passengers will join their cruise ship from a British port in 2012 – which represents a 28% rise over the last two…

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Consumers return to high street travel agents

Travel Trade Gazette research has revealed that In the last 12 months, 25% of those surveyed booked through a high street travel agent compared to 17% the previous year.

The number booking through a tour operator, as opposed to booking direct with airlines and accommodation, has also increased from 24% to 28%.

The research shows that women and young people are more…


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Ecademy Croydon meeting report - Sept 2011

Last Thursday was the first Croydon Ecademy group meeting since the summer break and Huw Williams managed to persuade me to take over organising them!

The group met, some for the first time, and there was a great buzz over the buffet food and bar drinks, followed by an interesting, inspirational and useful talk by …

Added by Wendy Ager on October 3, 2011 at 9:00 — 2 Comments

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