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Living in the NOW......

Have you come across suggestions about living in the NOW? If you think about it from a physical perspective it’s the only feasible place to be.

If you think about it from a mental or mind made perspective that might be trickier! To throw a cog into the cognitive, maybe making those two perspectives different from each other might even be where problems arise. What does that even mean???



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The Power of Awards

I recently wrote a blog about the Power of Awards. And, given that I've just joined the Networking in Surrey Group and the SME Surrey Business Awards Entry deadline is 14th October... I thought I'd attach an excerpt here to inspire and encourage you to click the link and enter. Good luck!

To enter:…


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Cause and Effect

Here's a funny story and it's true. It's a story that might provoke some thinking regarding perspective and apportioning responsibility for self!  Enjoy.......

I’m sitting on a stool next to John Grinder and we are chatting. Suddenly an old friend of his rushes over to say hello and he politely turns his attention to his friend. I sit patiently next to him relaxed and with my legs crossed left over right. John (for some reason) smacks me hard on the knee and involuntarily my knee…


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3 Ways to make our Marketing more Effective

This month we had Tracey Shrimpton from ‘Sixth Sense Marketing’ covering our 10-minute speaker slot informing us of ‘3 Ways to make your Marketing more effective’.

1. Set your Objectives –      Where do you want to go with your business?

What do you want your marketing to achieve?

To have a clear Target Market

2. Be an Expert -   Knowledge is Power!

Know Yourself – Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Know your USP – What makes your business…


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There's more to the perfect employee than their ability to do the job

Whilst the likes of Richard Branson (Virgin) and Sheryl Sandburg (Facebook) operate in a different universe from small business owners, the issue of making sure you take on the right person for the job remains the same whether you run a multinational conglomerate out of Necker or run a two person business from Dorking.

It may be less damaging to make a poor…


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The power of positive language

Recently I heard a local school's Head teacher tell a child that she (the child) had failed a task because she (the child) had forgotten about a deadline and that she (the head) would have to get someone else to do the job!

I physically reeled as I processed what I was seeing and hearing. The presuppositions of NLP assume that ‘there is no failure only feedback.’

You could go further with positive language and instead of saying ‘no failure’ you could say that…


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