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I had an exciting time over in Weybridge at Brooklands radio this afternoon. I had been invited by Samantha New-Fielding, who has a weekly slot on the afternoon programme. She asked me to speak about using astrology in business, Graham Laycock, the presenter, started by asking - HOW?

Well, it depends on how successful you want to be said I. Many prominent people have used astrology in business, early in the twentieth century the famous American magnate J.P. Morgan bluntly proclaimed "Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do!" Most recently, the late Anita Roddick, who quite openly used cosmic cycles for the perfect timing of product launches.

Astrology has been successfully used in Government, politics, stock markets and by royalty for Centuries. In Asia and India no self-respecting business man or woman would start a new venture without consulting the heavens.

Unfortunately, here in the West we are driven by media related astrology and horoscopes, a large proportion of people never get past "your daily, weekly or monthly stars" What a terrible shame and loss, never to have discovered the unique and rich tapestry of the ancient wisdom of astrology.

How can it work? Eminent Swiss Psychologist CG Jung stated that whatever is created in a moment of time bears the quality of that moment in time. Scientist David Hamilton Phd, believes that we are all genetically predesposed to recognise certain magnetic fields. More and more people are becoming increasingly interested in astrology and how it can help them.

I work with individuals and businesses who want to imporove their perfomance and gain a competitive edge. I also look at auspicious dates for perfect product and business launches, and for the best timing of business exhibitions, events, conferences and seminars. I'm curently taking astrology into the corporate world, with team building seminars - I've developed an innnovative and fun way to better understand yourself and your co-workers.
Human relationships are so very important and the more we can understand ourselves the easier our lives will be.
To conclude, Samantha asked for one sentence to sum up my goals as an astrologer - "To help people to be authentic and to think for themselves", was my answer. My interview can be heard on

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