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Marketing for professionals - Networking vs. Masterminding

Morning fellow professionals, 

My apologies for missing a week on my e mails (did anyone notice? J) but last Friday was all about the “transition process” following the announcement that we will be Aston Lark with effect from July 2018.  Exciting times! 

Anyway, hopefully I am back this week with a bang!

 Marketing vs. Networking........

Hands up all those who attend one or more networking events a month? 

That will be most of us then……………and all those who are part of a Mastermind Group?

Not so many, I see.

As we are all aware, networking at its most basic level, is an opportunity to sell more stuff to those people in the room who need it; and at its most refined, it is an opportunity to make connections that allow you to sell to people in the wider network, who are outside the room. 

Networking can make you the "Go to" person for friends and family 

The by product is that you end up with a long list of local suppliers that you can pass on to business contacts, friends and family when they need those services.

Not only does this make you feel good, it also makes you popular…………..when it all goes well.

Givers Gain 

Most experienced networkers have already understood the maxim of “Givers Gain”, but you are still likely to come across the odd person who is only focused on their own needs.

However, although tightknit networking groups may reach the point where members trust each other enough to discuss their business problems, in most cases, the drive to add new members to such groups tends to prevent the group from becoming this close.

Masterminding IS different......... 

Masterminding is different.  Done well, it is a collection of successful business owners willing to share their experiences and solutions to problems that their fellow attendees encounter. 

Done badly it becomes a collection of megalomaniacs whose egos constantly clash, which gets in the way of anyone getting any help at all.

Often as well they are set up as a money making venture. 

They can be costly to join with strict attendance requirements. 

Although business may develop amongst members that is not their primary purpose.

I must admit, I enjoy both settings, although it shouldn’t be thought that you can substitute one for another.

We are all in it together 

It is amazing how many of us face the same issues, no matter how unique we think our business proposition may be.  Even doyens of UK business like Sir Richard Branson and Lord Alan Sugar have faced the same issues in their businesses that we face in ours – it is just that they have built up the necessary experience  and financial resources to overcome them.

Networking is everywhere - Masterminding you have to look for 

Networking is fairly well served, with all sorts of groups meeting locally at all sorts of times; a good Masterminding group is a bit more difficult to find, but they are around.

If you can’t find experienced business people to help you formally, put together your own informal group, and find someone who can mentor you.  Some people are just happy to help!

Success comes from imitating the habits of successful people 

Success in life comes from assimilating the habits of successful people – it doesn’t matter what skill you are looking to improve, if you associate yourself with people who are better at it than you are, then you will improve yourself.

So, surround yourself with good contacts, and reach for the stars!

I hope that this was useful – if you would like to discuss any of it or would like me to review your insurances, please contact me on 01883 333352

Best regards,


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