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The benefits to having a motivated team are enormous. Someone who will go above and beyond might be particularly critical in a small company where you need everyone to contribute. Employees who put in extra effort for your company can make a huge difference to the success of your company. In addition, engaged employees are usually happier, healthier and more fulfilled, which means they’re likely to stay with your company longer. And while they’re working for you they’re likely to be off sick less and be more productive.


Engaged Employees


The top six things highly engaged employees have in common are, that they:

  • Know what’s expected of them at work.
  • Have a manager who cares about them.
  • Are able to do their best every day.
  • Have opportunities to learn and grow.
  • View their job as important to the company.
  • Have the equipment needed to do their job.

Salary is not on that list! It’s not all about money.




One powerful thing you can do to enable employee engagement, is to communicate about your company. Tell your team where the company’s come from and where you’re taking it. Give your team the bigger picture so they understand what they are part of and how they can help the company be successful. When you set goals – make sure those goals are tied to the bigger picture so they really understand how they are contributing to success – not just their personal success – but the company’s success.


Motivate Empower Support


Motivate, empower and support your employees. Not everyone works the same way so take time to find out what makes the individuals in your team tick. Then tap into that and use it to keep them engaged. Some people like working alone and in a quiet environment, while other people like lots of people around and lots of chat. You probably can’t create an ideal environment for everyone, but if you’re aware of people’s preferences you can mitigate. You can assign tasks appropriately when possible, and when not possible you can at least show you’re aware when someone is out of their comfort zone. In that situation you can support them to adapt. Showing you have noticed and care is the critical part that makes the most difference.

Give Voice


Give your employees ‘voice’ by letting them challenge or reinforce how things are done and by involving them in decision-making. You don’t have to get everyone to vote on everything – you’re still the boss. Ask your employees to voice their opinions, but give them context for your responses. Explain to them why you can or can’t do things they’ve requested so they understand the parameters the company works under. Get them more involved to motivate them. Ask for their suggestions to challenges the business faces. Guide them over time so they can make more useful suggestions. If they can see they are positively contributing and changes happen based on suggestions they’ve make – they’ll be far more engaged going forward.

Don't De-motivate


Don’t assume that employees are naturally demotivated and your sole purpose in life is to engage them! Some employees are naturally highly motivated. For them you may not need to do much, except make sure they don’t become demotivated by a lack of support or a lack of resources or poor management.


My Question To You

Are your employees motivated and engaged? What do you do to motivate them and how do you handle people who aren’t motivated?  If this is something you would like to discuss or would like some help with, contact me at You can also download my free eBook Team UP! - Powerful Ways to Build, Develop and Maintain an Effective Team  and sign up for my weekly newsletter which contains lots of team and self-management tips.

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