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Networking in Surrey News - week beginning 9 May 2011

Shock horror - a 5-day week! How will we cope? Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring – there’ll be another Bank Holiday in a couple of week’s time...

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of networking to cheer us up (hoorah!) and get our business heads back into gear. With over 150 Regular Group Meetings again this month, and a couple of dozen featured Events on Networking in Surrey, you’re sure to make the connections you need to grow your business.

As usual there are several free events on the site this month, including the Cashback Networking pre-launch and the Purley Business Association Evening today (Tuesday), the FSB Free Breakfast at Cobham and Tessa Hood’s Personal Branding evening on Wednesday, the RA free Leadership Workshop and the Be Lucky free Netwalk on Friday...

Coming up, we have Elaine Hickmott’s Commercial Connections and the Guildford Means Business Exhibition next week (both free) and the free Open Energy Surrey conference too. Free is definitely the new Black in Networking!

The NiS community continues to thrive and grow, with over 530 Membersmeet the newest additions hereGoogle Analytics shows our visitor and site usage stats are buoyant, with the site welcoming 1053 unique visitors in April spending an average time of over 4 minutes on the site, resulting in over 8000 page views. Brilliant! And of course, fab news for our sponsors:

Karen Purves PowerHouse Boards- a powerful concept, where business owners work as a board on each others business, and learn Non-executive Director skills

Jane Hardy One Stop Financial Security - helping individuals and businesses with their money worries

Sean Usher Usher Media - producing great value professional videos as a marketing and a promotional tool for business owners 

Tessa Hood  My Video Talk - helping businesses of all sizes to use video online to enhance their brand

Becky Patmore - Cashback Networking: a new networking format where you get paid for referrals 

Sarah Martin Ladies At Eleven - networking for women who are serious about their business

Diary of a Networker...

Holidays or not, I’ve been networking away like a Trojan without a horse, lending a hand with Tessa Hood, Nick Trueman and Charlotte Grant at the mega launch of Business Biscotti Esher & Cobham last week.  Over 65 people showed up for the biggest ever Biscotti launch, including dozens of NiS Members.  I usually try to mention those I meet while out networking, but in this case the list would be too long. I will however mention the lovely Leonie Wright (because she teased me about never giving her a mention in my newsmails – fair cop, Leonie!)

I was at 4Networking Walton on Friday, along with Dan Smale, John Edward, Charlotte Grant, Max Wright, Oliver Barry, Derek Williamson, Claire Stibbon, Sam Millard, and Ian Crocker for a highly entertaining 4sight from Sheree Lowe involving an item of exotic lingerie – modesty forbids any more details... I also made it to Guildford First Friday to catch up with Richard Golding, Martin Wallman, Lynne Jones, Nigel Parsons and Mel Williams, and chatted to Mark Wallman about his new network for young business people (he didn’t invite me to join - can't imagine why!)
This week, I’ll be at today's Cashback event and the FSB Breakfast tomorrow, and of course the Netwalk on Friday, being a great advocate of the healthy outdoors - closely followed by the less healthy indoors and the delightful Hurtwood Inn bar...
Happy Networking!

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