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If you set goals (preferably SMART goals) for yourself, your business and/or your team, have you checked to see how it’s going? Are you, your business and your team on track? Hopefully you and they are now well on their way to achieving the goals, but have you actually checked? Do you need to make adjustments to get back on track or to stay on track? Or is everything going well? If you, your business and your team are doing well have you taken a moment to congratulate yourself or let your team know?

Avoid End Of year Arguments And Disappointment

You should periodically check all goals and progress towards those goals throughout the year. This will ensure that any end-of-year review meetings you have with your team members are not argumentative, unfulfilling meetings. That includes the conversation you should be having with yourself around your own goals and your business goals at the end of the year. You may not have an argument with yourself, but you equally don’t want to be disappointed if your own goals aren’t met or if your business doesn’t do as well as you wanted (or needed).

Ongoing Feedback And Status Checks To Stay On Track

To ensure an end-of-year meeting is harmonious, or delivers a positive result, make sure it’s just the last meeting of a year of ongoing feedback and status checks. The final meeting then becomes a simple summary, with no surprises. Where a team member is involved, such meetings are typically fairly short and sweet. If not all goals were met, but everyone knows the circumstances going into the meeting, there is no need to argue.

Review your own goals and your business goals monthly (maybe at a more superficial level) and quarterly (in more depth). Look for ways to review how your team are doing against their goals on an ongoing basis. This will allow you to see if things are heading off track. If they are, you have time and opportunity to review what’s causing the problem. You can then try and remove any blocks to being successful for yourself, your business or for your team. If you, your business or a team member is ahead of where you thought they’d be, you might be able to close out a goal early. If so – think about setting a new one to help the business overall move forward.

My Question To You

How often do you review goals you’ve set for yourself, your business and your team? How honest are you with yourself when reviewing your own goals or your business goals? What methods do you use to provide feedback against goals for your team?


If this is something you’d like to talk to me about, call me now on 01483 722464. You can also download my free eBook Team UP! - Powerful Ways to Build, Develop and Maintain an Effective Team  and  sign up for my weekly newsletter which contains lots of team and self-management tips.

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